How to Measure Curtains and Blinds

Note: the measurements required for a quote need not be precise. We will always double-check measurements before making.


  1. Measure above the window frame to the base of the coving (or ceiling, if you don’t have coving)
  2. Measure the width of the pole/track (if you don’t have a pole/track ignore this!)
  3. Measure floor (resting on the carpet) to ceiling (or base of coving)
  4. Measure the width of the window frame
  5. Measure the height of the window frame
  6. Measure the distance beneath the window frame to the radiator/table (if required)
  7. Measure from the base of the window to the floor

N.B. Usually, curtains will fall 30cm beyond the window. So if there is any obstruction closer to the window than that (e.g. light switches) then please let us know.


(4 & 5) Measure the width and height of the window frame

N.B. If the blind is to go outside the recess, please check that there are no light switches or obstructions within approximately 10cm of each side of the window.

Please follow these instructions exactly, and do not make any allowances, as we will do this for you.