bespoke Curtain headings

Curtain Headings

French Headed (also known as Pinch Pleated)
French heading triple pleat
2-prong French-headed curtain, pleated to patters with bead trim inserted on lead edges

A classic heading. Looks smart and tailored.

Curtains fall into even folds, showing the pattern to its best advantage.

The pleats can be any depth, but the general rule is: the longer the curtains, the deeper the pleats.

It can also be made using less fabric (as shown in the second photo).

Ccartridge heading with contrast border to top

A simple heading. Looks great with stripes, and when pleated to pattern.

Is a modern twist on the French Heading.

Goblet headed curtain in metallic fabric with fringe

An interesting classic heading.

Has more detail than the modern Cartridge.

Wave Heading
Wave heading with inset borders on metropole with wave supplement

A flat heading. Is very simple and understated, and is perfect when you are limited with space.

Works very similar to Eyelet.

They are usually used alongside a metropole system.


A very modern heading, only requiring double fullness. They fold back to allow maximum light into the room. The eyelets come in a range of different colours and sizes to match the pole.


A uniform fixed tape heading. Usually used under a pelmet.

Hand-heading (no stitching on the front)
Smocked heading

An old-fashioned heading made with small hand stitches, to create either a uniform or random pleated heading.

The stitches are invisible, and not seen from the front.

It can also be plated to pattern.

Very similar to smocking.


Tape is available in 1″, 2″, 3″ & 6″ depths. It creates a softer heading, but still folds into uniform pleats.

Roman Blinds
Roman blind, interlined with border and trim to base, under a padded blind box

These look great at any window.

They look very tailored.

Borders and trim can be added to enhance the finished appearance.

Pelmets/Blind Boxes/Lambrequins
Hand headed curtain with a semi padded pelmet in contrast fabric with braid to the base
Roman blind, interlined with border and trim to base, under a padded blind box

They are all made out of plywood, and add the final touch to any window dressing.

They can be straight or shaped, and be as simple or as intricate as you like.

A Lambrequin is a pelmet that extends three quarters of the way down the side of the window, and gives a very smart appearance, which is used with a blind, usually when there is no room for curtains.

Swags and Tails
single swag with tails
triple swag with tails

These finish off any window with a softer traditional appearance, yet still looking tailored.

They can be as simple or as decorative as you require.

We always template before cutting, as each design is unique.

They are often contrast-lined, to add to the dimension of the final look.

Buttons, trims and fringe
Goblet heading with knotted cord detail

Buttons, trims and fringe can be added to improve the appearance on any of the above headings.